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Job Title:                     Representative Equipment Officer


Reports To:                 Primary - Representative Program Coordinator

                                       Secondary – Competitions Coordinator / NSG Coordinator

Position Type:             Volunteer Position 


Appointed by:             UPNA Board of Management

Term of Role:              As determined by the UPNA Board of Management



Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop a policy manual that includes procedures to track equipment from purchase order, delivery, and payment.


  • Receive and process returns of faulty stock in consultation with Rep Co-Ordinator


  • Liaise with Rep Co-Ordinator, Coaching Coordinator and UPNA Grants Co-Ordinator to update equipment stock, as necessary. 


  • Organise kit bags for all rep coaches at the start of the season.


  • Organise managers packs, including but not limited to first aid packs, trolleys, bibs.


  • Keep accurate documentation for equipment loaned at the start of the season and reconciliation at the end of the season.


  • Always maintain a clean and tidy equipment room.  Inspect the equipment room after rep training to ensure all equipment is put away? Notify Coaching Coordinator and Rep Coordinator of any issues to be communicated to teams/coaches


  • Report faulty equipment to Coaching Coordinator and facilitate the repair thereof. 


  • Communicate with Head Rep Coach and Rep Co-Ordinator if equipment needs replacing for any reason.


  • Co-ordinate equipment to be taken to rep carnivals and state age (tents, water containers, water weights etc) and returned after the events in consultation with the Rep Co-Ordinator.


  • NetSetGo Equipment to be co-ordinated with the Net-Set-Go Co-Ordinator


  • Undertake any relevant training as requested by UPNA Board


Key Performance Indicators

  • To manage Rep equipment requirements of the association, supporting operational role holders and board members as required (and able).


  • To demonstrate ability to work within a team environment.




Qualifications and Education Requirements

Hold a current blue card or be able to obtain.

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