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Job Title:                     Umpiring Coordinator


Reports To:                 UPNA Board of Management

Position Type:             Voluntary


Appointed by:             UPNA Board of Management

Term of Role:              12 month initially, further 12 month by Board renewal approval



Role and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with each club to establish a club umpire pool and help clubs with succession planning

  • Keep a register of all Association Umpires and their accreditation level

  • Work with the regional and NQ umpire coaches to establish and promote umpiring opportunities in the region 

  • Organise for badged umpires to assist with learning and to act as a mentor for development of junior umpires. Foster the growth and raise the standard of umpires

  • Prepare the umpires roster for all games for fixtures, ensure umpires are suitable to standard of game or are mentored/monitored in development to attain the next game standard

  • Coordinate the payment of umpires at the end of their designated game

  • Ensure all umpires are registered with Netball Queensland for insurance purposes, either through their club or association

  • Organise a badged/TID umpire to represent each UPNA team at Netball Queensland carnivals/fixtures, representative carnivals and any other event as required.

  • Arrange for the development and practical examination of umpires in accordance with A.A.N.A

  • Keep a permanent record with detailed results of all theoretical and practical examinations

  • Report and record all alterations and interpretations as down by the A.A.N.A

  • Manage all umpiring interpretations and business that may arise in the Association

  • Arrange for Rules of Netball Educational sessions for all representative players to attend.

  • Ensure players/teams are abiding by the association’s code of conducts and playing rules

  • Be present on Saturdays (or delegate) to ensure umpire requirements are met for games

  • Be familiar with Netball Queensland’s Calendar of Events and the Association Update 

  • Attend all operational role meetings

  • Complete a monthly written report to feedback to the committee


Key Performance Indicators

  • Provide coaching development and learning opportunities through programs such as “Wet the Whistle”

  • Facilitate umpire badging assessments where umpires are deemed ready.

  • Management of conflict, queries and complaints are effectively handled and escalated as required


Qualifications and Education Requirements

Shall be a badged umpire where possible

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