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How we work together

Board Members

In 2019 UPNA changed the way it operates and governed. 5 people are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to oversea the big picture and direction of Underwood Park Netball Association (UPNA). Once board members are elected, they then elect the named positions among themselves. The board also determine which are one-year positions and which are two-year positions for the first term in office, thereby determining the sequence of retirements in accordance with rule 5.1.5 of the association's rules.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Board Members of Underwood Park Netball Association should:


  • Attend board meetings and general meetings of the association, as well as other meetings and workshops as they are called from time to time

  • Work closely with other board members to achieve the objects of the association and to ensure its general wellbeing

  • Serve as chair of subcommittees as appointed

  • Ensure planning for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of members and act as planning coordinators

  • Maintain a good working knowledge of the association’s rules, bylaws, policies and procedures;

  • Have the power to delegate appropriate duties amongst the operational team and other volunteers

  • Maintain all documents, books, papers, keys, records and goods belonging to the association and pertaining to the office held and deliver them to the association at the completion of the term of office

  • Hold a current blue card as required by Netball Queensland or other body

  • Be a member of Underwood Park Netball Association

  • Undergo a criminal history check

  • Attend functions held by the association as required

  • Endeavour always to ensure the general wellbeing of the association

Let’s Work Together

On Saturday 28th October 2023, we will be opening up nominations for two (2) Board Member positions who will join the remaining three (3) Board Members to oversee the operational running of the association.


Nominations must be received no later than 5pm on Tuesday14th November.

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